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Welcome to Solez4Real, as one of the legit leading online shops for the best premium quality UA sneakers and urban fashion. We always provide you with the newest models of the most popular brands. You will also find as many sneakers at a reasonable price…

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We only sell genuine sneakers at 100% Retail Quality. From Adidas to Jordan, we have it all.

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100% authentic and retail quality sneakers and are not replicas or fake.

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We offer retail quality sneakers at reasonable rates.

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Be assured that UA sneakers are same as the ones you see in stores.

Solez4Real only sells 100% Original Retail Quality UA Sneakers, To understand what are UA Sneakers, we should know how the factories work: Just to increase the hype and prices of their Sneakers top brands like Adidas, Jordans and Nike only send limited quantity of sneakers to retail stores.  Because doing this increases their value and sales. But many Sneakers are left behind which are completely genuine and original but just got missed by the conveyor belt and were left in the factories. These are UA sneakers. We do not sell our sneakers for mortgage prices, like most resellers. Shop at Solez4Real where you can find authentic sneakers at affordable prices. Every pair of sneakers in our store is produced in the same factories, by the same workers and with the same materials as you see in official retail stores. Each pair is manufactured with retail pairs – but got left behind and never ended up in shelves. UA sneakers are not Replicas or fake sneakers, these are original sneakers that just did not make to shelves because they were unlucky.  We do not sell our sneakers for mortgage prices, like most resellers. Shop at Solez4Real where you can find latest sneakers at good prices. Solez4Real sells only 100% retail quality sneakers unlike DHGATE & Aliexpress etc.   Click HERE for additional discount codes for more savings at checkout.   Are you interested in a particular shoe, shoot us an email here with a picture attached and we will get back with you. Please note that orders that don’t pass the CVC and address check will be declined

If for any reason you are not satisfied with your order, you have 3 days after you receive it to return to us. Once we receive it a store credit will be issued for the price paid for the item less a 20% handling fee, NO QUESTIONS ASKED.  Please note: We must receive the sneakers in the same condition you received them in. For example: If you buy a new pair, you can’t use them for 3 days and then return them to us. If you have any questions, please feel free to email us.

What does UA sneakers mean? Legit Sneakers at Solez4Real

What does UA sneakers mean?

UA Sneakers means that these sneakers were made in the same factories, by the same brands and by the same workers, which means there is no difference in quality. These are only called UA sneakers because these are sold by us rather than brands.

The reason why the brands did not send these sneakers to official stores is that they only send limited stock to the stores, just to increase hype and prices


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