What are UA Sneakers?

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What are UA Sneakers?

UA Sneakers mean Unauthorized Authentic sneakers; these are the exact same shoes as the retail shoes (retail shoes are the ones you see in official stores of Nike, adidas etc.). UA sneakers are made in the same factories, by the same brands and workers. The trick big brands play is that they only send limited quantity to stores to increase hype and prices. A lot of people are like UA shoes are fake and replicas or made with low quality materials but that is not the truth because these are made in the same factory, comes from the same place and made with the same material (of-course).


Big shoe brand companies do not utilize a single factory to produce their shoes. They set a number of shoes per factory say 30,000, so the factory will not produce only 30’000 shoes infact the factory would produce extra pair of shoes say 20,000. This is because the brands do quality testing and if some shoes fail to pass the test, the factory would be responsible and hence the factory produces more sneakers if some sneakers fail to pass the test the extra sneakers will be sent to stores.

If however most shoes pass the test, there will a lot of extra pairs left, these shoes are not sent to the retail stores (just to increase prices and hype) and hence they got left behind.

Are UA Sneakers Fake?

No, they are not fake.

Absolutely NOT, these sneakers are made in the same factories by the same workers and materials. They just got left behind because brands only sell a certain number of sneakers.

What the catch with UA Sneakers?

There is not catch or trick with UA sneakers, the only reason for their low prices is that these are not sold by the brands themselves. UA sneakers are the exact same sneakers as the one’s you see in retail stores. 

At Solez4Real, we sell these sneakers with complete packaging and everything just like the retail sneakers.


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